Stores or offices without signs and banners feel empty. These types of commercial spaces look dull. They’re also very confusing for shoppers. Let’s say you visit two brick-and-mortar stores. 

  • One has no outdoor signs, window displays, or banners.
  • The other is full of informational and promotional banners.

Which store appeals to you more? Of course, the latter! Signs and banners serve as the first point of contact between the stores and the shoppers. Business owners that set up informational and promotional banners inside and outside their stores attract more shoppers.

  • In a recent study, 60% of business owners said their sales increased after they installed banners inside/outside their stores. 
  • What types of banners/signs do shoppers appreciate the most? Informational ones.

Yes, promotional banners or signs do appeal to shoppers. Sometimes, these banners even convince shoppers to buy certain things or avail of certain offers. But, informational banners give shoppers critical information about the store or the commercial space.

These banners also show that the business owner cares about his/her shoppers and visitors. Guiding customers inside and outside the store is a critical responsibility for business owners. Thankfully, directional or informational retractable banner stands are very easy to create. 

Business owners simply need to find reliable banner sellers. Find sellers who allow business owners to custom-print any images, graphics, or messages on the banners. Then, set up your custom directional or informative banners outside and inside your store.

Here are a few commercial spaces where the use of such banners is very popular –

Office Spaces

Is your office regularly visited by customers, clients, or business partners? Does your office building have multiple floors/rooms? Then, your customers, clients, or business partners may find it hard to navigate inside your office building.

The solution? Set up small but visible retractable banner stands all across the office space. Print instructions like “conference room floor” or “main building” on the banners. Any visitor can take a glance at these banners to understand their respective locations.

Wayfinding in large office spaces becomes much easier when there are directional banners installed in key areas.


Do restaurants need informative or directional banners? Yes. Some restaurants are huge. Placing directional banners inside these restaurants helps diners find their way to the exits or restrooms. Restaurants can also add promotional elements to their banners.

For instance, they can set up these banners at the booking counters. Add information about special deals/offers on the banners. Diners booking their seats may see this information and desire interest in availing of those offers.


Just like commercial office spaces, hospitals are huge. Patients or their families can easily lose track of their locations inside these massive medical facilities with multiple floors and hallways. Wayfinding becomes much easier when there are informative banner stands installed on each floor of the hospital.

Retractable banners are light, easily portable, and very cheap. Business leaders must capitalize on these qualities of retractable banners to make their commercial premises more welcoming for customers. Make sure to use such informative banners in your retail store!

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