What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is a method where students are provided with support through tutors using an online or virtual network. In this online tutoring method students and teachers participate simultaneously from different areas with the major aim of helping in the understanding of the knowledge provided. The rapid development showcased through the online education system has now made it possible for students to get help from tutors to have a better understanding of the topics being taught in the classroom. There are several course selling platforms available that help Students by connecting them to tutors who can support them in their educational objectives

Reason for its popularity

Due to the covid-19 outbreak across the world, students were forced to bring about major changes to their educational attainment methods to ensure their safety. The reason why online tutoring has become so popular is based on the fact that it provides both the students and the Teachers required privacy that they can undertake classes from the comfort of their own home without any added destruction.

Moreover, online tutoring enables the students to be provided with a one on one session with their educators thereby making it easy for them to clear their doubts and have a better understanding of the knowledge being provided. Moreover, one of the major advantages that online tutoring provides is that it is a cost effective method and allows students to be able to afford it.

How can online tutoring support students

Online tutoring has a lot of advantages when it comes to supporting the students and ensuring that they have a better understanding of the subjects. In most cases it is important to highlight that the teachers in schools and colleges are unable to provide the students with the necessary knowledge due to lack of time. In such a situation, online tutoring acts as an extra help for the students and ensures that they can get a better idea of the concepts.

Through the help of online tutoring the students can be tailored with the learning environment that best suits their needs and requirements and can help in fulfilling their doubts. Moreover, it provides the advantage of ensuring that the teachers have sufficient time for the students and most sessions are developed around their interest. Online tutoring also ensures that the teachers develop Course work based on the curriculum that is being taught to the students.

Moreover, the teachers are able to create a fun environment for the students by including fun activities such as encouraging them to talk about their opinion or asking them to write an essay that will best highlight their interest regarding some certain subject. In this way it becomes possible for the Teachers to develop interest in studies by the students.

Most online tutoring sessions use a structured curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the students and it is the responsibility of the educators to ensure that all the doubts of the students are effectively cleared.It is because of all these factors combined that online tutoring has gained such popularity amongst the students.

Benefits of being tutored online

There are several benefits present when it comes to the concept of online tutoring, Which is one of the major reasons that there has been a sufficient increase to create online courses that will support educators in achieving this objective. The following section highlights the major benefits that are associated with the same.

  • It is a convenient option for the students that allows them to have the doubts clear from the comfort of their own home.
  • It helps in making the learning process fun and engaging for the students.
  • It helps in the development of a strong learning environment that contributes towards learning.
  • It is possible for the students to be matched to the best online tutors that can effectively fulfill their needs.


In conclusion it can be stated that online tutoring has a lot of benefits for the students and teachers. It not only provides for the development of a strong environment that motivates the students to learn and work towards being more creative, but also encourages them in their learning process.

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