The blockchain technology is fast-growing. The original concept was created to decentralize the financial market, and it has found new areas of application in diverse worlds of business, science, medicine and other areas. As of now, there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies in the world. The application and development will continue to grow due to the fact that blockchain technologies are relatively new innovations. Blockchain promotion is real!

1. Require a comprehensive understanding of this technology

Any business owner that wants to enter the modern world of crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies, then it is necessary to understand the basic concepts. The lower cost of transactions and decentralization can make the market less prone to manipulations. And an ideal tool for token promotion will be a portfolio built on this technology. Also, you need to understand what services are provided by your company. The cryptocurrency industry is forming its own infrastructure, which includes marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and other solutions. 

2. Choose a unique concept of promoting products with blockchain technology

This year promises us a new wave of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). According to the experts, these are the most effective ways of creating a new business and making it popular. The interest in ICOs increases because they offer an opportunity to invest in the development of a product or service that is considered to be in high demand. The development of a contemporary ICO is associated with such matters as the selection of necessary technologies, distribution of tokens and other objects, as well as attracting investments. The project should be promoted in such a manner that everyone would like to take part in it, and this will contribute to its success.

3. Investment in advertising

Promotion through advertising is quite costly but very effective in engaging an audience. The ICO campaign should be placed in different media, including social networks and blogs. Depending on the budget, you can use several advertising channels: banners and other types of advertising. Also it is necessary to create a website that will attract investors. The information provided on these resources must always be relevant and up-to-date.

4. Hold conference or conference calls

The participants of the conference and call should understand the basics of blockchain technology and its future development, as well as comprehend what cryptocurrency represents. At the end of the event it is recommended to distribute flyers with a link to a website promoting products with blockchain technology in order to attract more subscribers and investors.

5. Diversify your media

You can use different media channels to promote the cryptocurrency project. For example, a website can be used as a tracker. You can add a link to the website on facebook, instagram and other social networks that create an impression of popularity and authority. The more official websites are created, the better it is for promotion.

6. Present ICO before competitors

A distributed network makes it possible to present company projects before competitors without launching an expensive advertising campaign in all directions. The only drawback is that blockchain projects sometimes have a negative image, so it is not easy to convince people in this area of ​​projects with good results. Know about news approved site.

7. Take part in events, seminars and conferences

You should also advertise the project together with other young companies. This can be done most effectively with the help of your employees because you will get a positive response from the audience. The presentation of the project at these events is not only an effective way of promotion, but also a good way to attract investors.

8. Promote schedule mining

A mining campaign is extremely effective in attracting new users to the site, as miners often earn more than average users on an average basis. The process consists of creating different tasks that do not require high knowledge. Such information can be useful to promote your currency because it will allow you to lure investors who are interested in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in general.

9. Accept online payments

E-commerce has become a common part of the Internet, but many business models are still unable to take advantage of all its benefits. Choosing the cryptocurrency outreach, you can easily and quickly spread information about your project and develop an e-commerce business. The main thing is to conduct an ICO that will draw attention to your product. One of the best ways to do this is by using social networks like facebook and twitter.

10. Online ads with videos

Video advertising will allow you to explain their project in detail and encourage people to invest in the cryptocurrency project. You can use video ads on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion or another video hosting platform that allows advertising with paid subscriptions.

11. Announcement of prizes

For the promotion of the cryptocurrency you can distribute rewards and incentives to those who will use them. For example, you can give cash rewards in public places or give tokens as prizes and bonuses for a variety of contests and competitions. This will also be one of the most effective ways to promote products with blockchain technology.

12. The creation of a forum

The study shows that people like to communicate with each other on specialized forums about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and ICOs. The forum will allow you to share information about the project, get advice from experts and get recommendations from other people interested in cryptocurrencies.

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