Many computer enthusiasts try different types of parts like motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards, hard drives, etc. People purchase them, and sometimes these parts are stuffed in drawers, closets, or basement bins. These PC components get outdated from time to time. So, you can sell your used computer parts for money. Many people are also interested in purchasing old PC parts to repair a damaged part or build a PC from scratch. Used parts are indeed more affordable than new components. 

People should not think that used PC parts are outdated and can’t be used for anything else. You can still earn a profit by selling old PC parts and then purchasing a new computer or its parts. RAM also plays an important role in a computer. This PC component has good value in the market. In this article, we will tell you about selling used memory RAM:

Selling Used RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM is a device that stores current data, application programs, and operating systems. It is quick to read from and write to than other types of storage like hard disk drive (HDD), and solid-state drive (SSD). RAM is the main memory in a PC. People also sell their used RAM for the money. Buyers are interested in purchasing old RAM if it is in good working condition. You just have to sell this device at the right time to get good money in return.  People sell their old RAM to purchase a new one. Also, old CPU is affordable for them. 

Many gamers, cryptocurrency miners, and content creators buy these used RAM in good working condition. Nowadays, it is easy to sell old computer parts online. Many people sell their old RAM at online marketplaces and trade-in platforms. They help sellers to connect with buyers in their nearby areas for computer memory on sale. You can save plenty of time by selling this PC part online. 

Benefits Of Selling Old RAM Online 

Below, you can check the benefits of selling your used RAM:

  1.  You can sell your old RAM to anybody for money. People should keep their used RAM at home as it will only take up space. It is better to earn a profit by selling this PC component. Buyers are interested in buying this device as it is more affordable than purchasing a new one. You can sell used RAM in your nearby areas through online marketplaces and trade-in platforms. 
  2. Selling old computer parts online also saves time. People get more buyers for their old RAM. Different trade-in websites and marketplaces are available where people are ready to buy this device in good working condition. You can attract customers’ attention faster online.  
  3. There are fewer chances of fraud in the online selling of RAM. Users can check customer data as well before selling anything to anybody. Also, you can communicate with them. So, there is safety in selling used computer parts online than locally.  
  4. It is safe to sell old computer parts online. Different genuine trade-in websites and marketplaces are available that protect customer data as they use encryption technology. Also, they provide secure shipping of your used RAM. These platforms make payments after checking the condition of the old RAM. You will get different options to make payments safely.
  5. Buying a used RAM in good condition is also helpful for the environment. You can keep working components out of landfills. Also, many sellers recycle old PC parts to protect the environment. In this way, you can protect our environment and fulfill your responsibility.

Steps To Sell Old RAM 

People can sell their old RAM on platforms like SellGPU. Here, you can also other PC parts like SSDs, Processors, CPU, Motherboards, PSUs, SSDs, etc. Below, you can check the steps to sell your used CPU:

  1. First, you have to visit the official website of SellGPU. After that, you can select your RAM model from the dropdowns. Wait until you get the instant offer for your used RAM. 
  2. Now, you have to ship your used RAM to SellGPU. This platform provides a free mailer pack to deliver your items for free. Then, you can pack your used RAM, attach their return label, and ship them. 
  3. SellGPU pays sellers fast after checking the old RAM. After the inspection process, they provide payment through options like Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, Overnight check, ACH, Wire, or Crypto. 


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