The two leading electronic medical records (EMRs) in use today are Centricity vs. Kareo. Learn the differences and decide which ERM is best for you!


You have decided to invest in an electronic medical record (EMR) system or are considering making the switch. You’re unsure which EMR is right for your organization, but you have a few things in mind just because the healthcare market is becoming increasingly competitive and is rapidly evolving. To meet their current needs, doctors must understand how these new technologies affect patient care. ThisThis is why let’s dive in more to learn about the software.

How Centricity plays a big role in an EMRs world?

Centricity is an EMR system developed by GE Healthcare, aimed at larger practices. Centricity is a combination of financial and clinical management. It is specifically designed for mobile devices and tablets, allowing doctors and other staff members to carry patients’ medical information and keep them updated while on the go. GE Healthcare developed Centricity to be integrated into many medical devices and imaging systems.

Centricity EMR concentrates on patient outcomes and offers the aid of reporting tools that permit the practice to be compared with other practices nationally and locally. The staff in practices using Centricity EMR can actively participate in the performance pay comparisons and evaluations.

GE Centricity offers an electronic prescribing feature and a patient portal within the software, allowing patients to make appointments, view the billing statement, and access laboratory results. The system is connected to the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium, giving access to 20 million anonymous patients suffering from illnesses frequently reviewed for pay-for-performance.

Reviews of Centricity EMR


Many users appreciate that numerous templates are loaded for quick access to assist those in need, making it simpler to produce quick documents. It also integrates with other charting software, helping to keep patient data up-to-date, which is what an effective emr does. The most crucial thing about electronic medical records is that. You can access them in a manner compatible with what you must perform on every patient so that you don’t spend time going between various pages.


However, some users say that the whole system is shut down at times, and patients will not be identified as their previous health histories cannot be considered. This is a problem that all systems face and is probably one of the drawbacks of EMR.


Centricity EMR provides a custom pricing for their software. You can ask for the Demo and Price at any time for a better understanding. 

How is Kareo an intelligent EMR?

Kareo is an EMR Software. The system’s calendar is simple to navigate and can be filtered by week, date, and month. It is also possible to sort appointments by doctor and exam rooms, locations, and medical equipment. Each day’s color-coded icon makes it easy to locate and plan a patient’s appointment in a snap. It also has scheduled appointments which you can schedule to remind patients about scheduled appointments. Improved EHR features make it much easier for independently-owned medical clinics to comply with MACRA and receive positive payment adjustments. Kareo is the most popular EMR/PM option for practices with 1-10 providers, thanks to the fact that we can meet the requirements of independent practices and their patients. Kareo EHR is cloud-based software that specializes in human resources and healthcare management. The company was established on the 3rd of June 2006 by three doctors and an expert. It was among the first companies offering its services as SaaS (software as an online service). Kareo has more than 500,000 clients across Canada and the US, and Canada, as well as more than 20% having doctors.

Kareo Reviews


Kareo is an excellent EMR to be recognized for this fact. Kareo has been recently recognized as a top 100 EHR by Medical Economics. Kareo is the most user-friendly and extensive EHR I’ve encountered throughout my professional experience. The users love it due to its ability to go without any training, required great support for implementation, excellent customer service, stunning templates,


Some users complain that there isn’t much support for natural products and supplements in Kareo. It is possible to achieve this. However, it’s certainly not simple – you must use the manual entry of every single item you’d like to recommend within the “Drug Favorites” section.


Kareo EHR package ranges between $150 and $300 per month. For further information, you can ask for a detailed Demo. With the help of a Demo, you can see how the software and features work. 

Comparison between Kareo and Centricity EMR

Kareo emr is an all-in-one, integrated technology platform that streamlines care delivery, patient engagement, and business management workflows. Kareo’s top features include e-prescribing, patient record management, claims, billing, patient registration, financial dashboard, clinical quality reporting, and more. Centricity emr is a similar platform offering e-prescribing, patient record management, claims, and billing features. However, Centricity’s top features include patient registration, financial dashboard, clinical quality reporting, and more. As you can see, both Kareo emr and Centricity emr offer a variety of features that can streamline care delivery and improve patient outcomes. So, what’s the difference between these two platforms? The main difference is that Kareo offers a free trial while Centricity does not. In addition, Kareo’s pricing is based on per provider, while Centricity’s pricing is based on per facility. Ultimately, both Kareo emr and Centricity emr are excellent choices for streamlining care delivery and improving patient outcomes.

Our thoughts

If you’re still undecided on which electronic medical records (EMR) system is best for your practice, we can help. Both Centricity and Kareo offer free demos so you can try out the software before buying. And both systems have different price points depending on the features you need, so there’s something for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about each system and get a free quote for Centricity or Kareo – whichever works best for your business.

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