Drug testing happens to detect drug use or abuse in a person. Employers order the candidates for drug tests before their hiring. Athletes, federal employees, and prisoners also have to perform this test. If you fail this test, your company can fire you from your job. Drug tests detect the traces of opioids, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, methamphetamines, and cocaine in people. 

Drug testing happens through the specimens like urine. It is a much more popular method for drug testing than others. Many companies also buy urine drug test cups for testing their employees. In this article, we will tell you about 12 panel drug test labcorp for employee drug testing:

About Urine Drug Test Cup For Workplace Testing

Nowadays, many companies track their employees for drug use and abuse. It also leads to corporate risks and fraud. Also, it affects the morale and productivity of the employees. Employee drug testing for a better hiring process. Drug testing tells if there is the presence or absence of drugs like marijuana, heroin, morphine, methamphetamine, cocaine, steroids, etc. Now, you can use urine drug test cups to get quick results. A saliva drug test cup detects traces of drugs in someone’s saliva. 

The saliva drug test kit is best to check the recent use of substances in employees. Employers order the candidates to undergo this test before their hiring. Also, it is necessary for post-accident employees. Employers may conduct a test on randomly selected employees. They can avoid hiring people with drug abuse through this test. Also, it provides faster and more accurate results than urine drug testing. They are less invasive as well. No one can tamper with the results of a saliva drug test. 

Passing A Urine Drug Test 

Urine drug test cups provide 99% accuracy for detecting different drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and methamphetamine.In case, a positive result appears on the drug test cup, the specimen must be sent to a lab for confirmatory testing. Below, you can check the steps to perform a drug test through a urine drug test cup:

  • First, the donor needs to give a urine specimen in the drug test cup and give it back to the collector. 
  • Then, replace and tighten the cap. The temperature must be in the range on the temperature strip of the cup (90-100°F or 32-38°C).
  • You have to remove the label to see the results. Results will appear in around five minutes on the drug test cup.  
  • Negative urine drug test results appear on the cup as a line in the control region and test region (marked with a T). 
  • Positive drug test results appear as a single line in the control region.

Purchasing 5 PanelUrine Drug Test Cups For Employee Screening

You can purchase a 5-panel urine drug test cup from a drug test kit supplier. Also, people can buy this device from Halux Diagnostic. You can visit their official website and purchase the best quality urine drug test cups. Their drug testing devices are CLIA- Waived and FDA approved. 

You can see the results through their drug testing cups in 5 minutes. Halux Diagnostic also provides 10-panel, 12- panel, and 14-panel drug test cups for urine testing. 



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