You may find information about hermaphrodites, feminized cannabis seeds, auto-flowering plants, and many others. All of this might seem quite complex if you start cannabis cultivation. You could run across strange terminologies and words while looking for cannabis seeds. But do not worry. Although these ideas could be scary, with the proper explanation, they become pretty clear. We will concentrate on feminized seeds. You can quickly get Grease Monkey Feminized Seeds online.

Feminized Seeds: What Are They?

Growing marijuana from seed always had a 50% probability that each flower would be a male up until recently. But only female plants produce buds loaded with cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Male plants generate seed pods. If male plants remain around long enough, they will pollinate the female plants, significantly reducing the yields. Therefore, to exclude the guys from their plants, individuals planting ordinary seeds had to determine the sex of their seedlings as soon as possible.

Then, in the 1990s, feminized cannabis seeds were developed, revolutionizing the growing of cannabis. Cannabis seeds that have undergone genetic engineering to produce solely female plants almost invariably (99.9%) do so. This innovation makes cultivating cannabis more straightforward and affordable by eliminating the element of chance.

Photoperiod plants originate mainly from feminized seeds. Cannabis grows under the photoperiod flowers in response to daylight and nighttime. Cannabis begins to blossom in the wild near the end of the summer as the days become short. Cannabis grown indoors under a photoperiod remains in the vegetative stage. This stage remains until the producer is prepared to induce blooming by cutting down on light hours.

Who And Why Use Feminized Strains?

Today’s market-available high-quality feminized seeds often result in THC-rich plants. The stoning, calming, euphoric, or uplifted high brought on by feminized strains is great for recreational users. According to what they are looking for, customers may find some relaxing time at night or have an active buzz throughout the day thanks to the wide range of alternatives available. Additionally, you may experiment with several feminized strains to discover a happy medium in terms of effect since many Strains have varied ratios of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and Indica/Sativa genetics. 

Feminized strains are perfect for someone using marijuana for holistic reasons because of their potent effects. They could discover that the THC improves their mood, aids in relaxation during stressful circumstances, or lessens the intensity of any symptoms they are experiencing. Along with its numerous advantages, users also claim that THC aids their ability to get a decent night’s sleep.

Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, And Ruderalis Strains

The previous understanding was that a Strain’s effects on a user depended on whether it belonged to the Indica or Sativa family of cannabis. Sativas were top-rated as an energizing high more suited for the day, while Indicas can produce a heavy “stoned” sensation. However, there is growing evidence that a strain’s impact is more likely to be influenced by its terpene profile than by the subspecies to which it belongs.

However, the development and anatomy of the different subspecies show more obvious differences:

  • Indica plants have short, bushy growth and broad leaves.
  • Sativas rise higher, leaner, and with narrow, elongated leaves. They are often highly resilient and flourish in a variety of settings. Usually, a warmer environment is better for these sun-loving plants. Compared to Indicas, the blooming period is often longer.

These days, most cannabis strains are not 100% Indica or Sativa. Instead, they are hybrids that mix Sativa and Indica traits, and as a result, their growth characteristics differ.

Cannabis Ruderalis is a different, sometimes overlooked subspecies to take into account. In northern areas like Siberia, Ruderalis strains that resemble weeds thrive naturally. The fact that Ruderalis naturally auto-flowers, though, is intriguing. Consequently, breeders may create auto-flowering versions of popular photoperiod strains using Ruderalis genetics.

5 Types of Top Feminized Strain

Hundreds of such feminized hybrids exist. Like human tribes, each has a set of characteristics that may be useful for identifying its ancestry. However, they all primarily descend from a small number of lineages.

Cannabis varieties with Kush genes will typically be Indica and have dank odors and a tendency to induce a couch-locking state of profound relaxation. Depending on the cultivar, it may also include terpenes with earthy, woodsy, pine, and citrus scents.


Sativa lovers who want a heady cerebral high and midday burning might try haze strains. Their terpene profiles cover a wide range of tastes, from sweet and citrusy to coffee and cocoa flavors.

Marijuana with Afghan genes often features spiciness, an earthy flavor, and a fresh taste. Since most strains lean Indica, you will experience a couch-locking, joyful, and relaxing high that is ideal for use at night.

2. Gelato 

Gelato is a superb example of the finest California cannabis, and Gelato-derived strains often stand out for their delicious, dessert-like fragrance. You may anticipate both a joyful high and a soothing sense since many of these are hybrids, and at least they feel like it.

3. Cookies

Cookie strains combine a pleasant and euphoric high with a hint of physical rest. Expect classic cookie flavors and earthy and sweet fragrances that create a mouthwatering combination.

4. Blueberry

Blueberry-related strains frequently have a terpene identity that contributes rich, delightful, and citrusy berry notes. Blueberry Strains are recognized for their profoundly calming and soothing effects and have genetics originating from the US West Coast.

5. Purple

Purple genetically bred cannabis strains have more vibrant reddish/purple colors during late blooming and colder nighttime temps. Since Indicas make up the majority of purple Strains, their effects are often sedating and narcotic. The terpene profile blends earthy, citrus, and pine fragrances with dank hash notes.

Other Types 

  • Banana

The original Banana has a rich terpene profile that prominently displays sweet banana scents and flavors and is Indica-dominant (70 percent). The strain has a high THC content of 25% and has a severe sedative effect. Thankfully, its offspring still exhibit similar characteristics.

  • Skunk

Many cannabis connoisseurs like skunk for its “skunky” fragrance. A drowsy effect with a cheerful and uplifting tone is characteristic of strains with Skunk genetics. Additionally, wide varieties on the market now have their roots in this strain.


  • Cheese

The intoxicating aroma of ripe Cheese is the hallmark of the classic Cheese, an Indica-majority hybrid created from Afghan and Skunk. Cheese-derived strains stand out for their distinctively cheese-like aroma and balanced high that combines euphoria with calming stoned effects.


A higher concentration of cannabinoids is present in feminized than male cannabis. The most potent and most aromatic Strains originate from them. Because 99.9% of seeds are feminized, plants nearly invariably grow into females. Feminized strains are often photoperiod strains, which means they rely on the length of the light cycle. Therefore there is no need to verify the sex of plants or eliminate male plants.

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