Cold compression machines can drastically speed up one’s healing following an injury. Whether you’re enduring the pain of medical conditions like edema or are recovering from a significant surgery, there are plenty of ways that a cold compression machine may help your healing. While there are some situations where the use of a cold compression machine is not appropriate for recovery, these machines can assist with various issues and injuries. 

New concepts like cryotherapy have emerged to provide injured persons with advanced approaches to healing. The standard ice bath has evolved from a specific treatment for athletes to anyone with severe pain, with the objective of speeding up the pace of recovery. Likewise, cold compression machines also strive for this outcome and utilize a combination of cold temperature and compression to achieve these effects. 

Check with your doctor if you’re curious to see if cold compression is right for you. If they give you the green light, see what’s out there. In the interim, read about three ways a Game Ready ice machine helps relieve pain.

1. Game Ready Ice Machines Reduce Swelling 

Compression and cold temperatures significantly reduce swelling from the injury site. When the body is injured, inflammation and swelling occur. This is the body’s way of protecting itself. Unfortunately, swelling is an unpleasant symptom that creates additional pain at the injury site. With a Game Ready ice machine, you can reduce swelling quickly, as the combination of cold water and compression circulates blood flow properly through your system and sends oxygen to the injured site. 

2. Enhances Body’s Natural Healing

Improved blood flow allows for improved circulation, prompting oxygen to be sent to the injury site, and resulting in natural healing. Instead of the site swarmed by protective blood flow, the use of Game Ready ice machines can encourage proper circulation for these positive effects. These natural healing responses are some reasons athletes take an ice bath after an intense workout. The ice exposure speeds up recovery time by preventing inflammation before it has time to emerge fully. 

3. Minimizes Pain With Cold Compression 

Cold water numbs pain, allowing the injured person to experience relief as natural healing occurs. The use of cold water and compression engages muscle relaxation through the parasympathetic nervous system. By using the Game Ready ice machine consistently, the body can adapt, find relief faster, and speed up healing as stress decreases. 

The use of cold water is a tool in many therapies, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, where emotional reactivity is reduced by dunking one’s face in ice water or taking an ice shower. The cold water activates the system and slows everything down so the person can find relief. The physical body responds the same way to cold water.  

Cold Compression Machines Work 

Speed up the healing time of your injury by investing in a cold compression machine like a Game Ready ice machine. See how quickly your injuries heal using the body’s natural healing capabilities to achieve relief quickly from inflammation.   

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