Zoominfo Announces Its Intention To Acquire The Business Intelligence Tool Chorus Ai For $ 575 Million

With remote work and schooling on the rise, Fujitsu deployed several new networks in 2020 and 2021, including a 53-mile FTTH network for Craig-Botetourt Rural Election in New Castle, Virginia. Valley TeleCom Group in Wilcox, Arizona, deployed the Fujitsu 1Finity optical networking platform and Virtuora Network Controller, enabling its existing network to support higher bandwidth and software-defined operations and management. A similar deployment was made for Pioneer Communications in southwestern Kansas. Fujitsu Network Communications is a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, a global information and communications technology company based in Japan, offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services in more than 100 countries. Fujitsu Limited, which has approximately 130,000 employees, reported consolidated revenues of $33.7 billion for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2021. Humans depend on plants for a variety of important resources including sustenance, energy, clothing, bio-based products, and shelter [1–3].

Pre-built Cadence Frameworks will improve SalesLoft’s time to value by providing a set of templates and cadences across the full lifecycle and various roles (e.g., SDR, AE, CSM). Cadences include a preview with a visual display of the cadence, description, objective, function, and implementation complexity level. Pre-built cadences offer best practices from SalesLoft and SalesLoft’s partners. HG Insights just closed on a successful year, reaching its highest annual recurring revenue and profitability. While HG Insights continues to license its firmographics to other vendors, its growth has been focused on direct sales of technographics and analytics to customers.

Daniel Huffman, ONUG owner and president, has provided fiber optic training across the country for years through his partnership with Light Brigade. As part of its goal to deepen its rural market presence, Charter announced plans for a $5 billion dollar initiative to expand gigabit broadband access to more than 1 million alameda county fictitious business name low-density, rural customer locations with starting speeds of 200 Mbps. The cable MSO was one of the big winners in the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund auction, securing $1.2 billion in support. With 96,100 employees, in 2020 the company reported $48 billion in annual revenue, up from $45.8 billion in 2019.

Software as a service is a method of software licensing that enables users to access centrally hosted software online on a subscription basis instead of installing it on their own computers. Chorus.ai uses machine learning to bring together new data insights from traditionally untapped data workflows inside companies so they can be made available to boost additional sales efforts. Its technology, which is based on artificial intelligence, small business memes identifies trends in the employment world such as new roles created or new appointments. Figure 3.Elderly trip purposes based on Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity data for Melbourne, Australia. Bohluli, S.; Ardekani, S.; Daneshgar, F. Development and validation of a direct mode choice model. Lewinson, T.; Esnard, A.-M. Resource accessibility and walkability among older adults in extended-stay hotels.

Significant progress has already been made in method development for plant biosystems design, such as efficient assembly of DNA parts, high-precision gene editing, enhancement of plant transformation using morphogenic regulators, and virus/nanotube-mediated in planta transformation. Still, new technologies will need to be developed for enabling large-scale genome refactoring or construction of functional synthetic plant genomes. The potential of new machine learning capabilities (e.g., explainable artificial intelligence) could be exploited for predictive learning from big genomics and phenomics data. Also, plant biosystems design will need to be deployed for a new type of high precision agriculture and bioeconomy as a contribution to the fourth industrial revolution, in which genetic engineering plays an important role [367–369].

One limitation for using Agrobacterium to transform plants is that not all plant species are Agrobacterium-infectable. Another major bottleneck in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation is in vitro regeneration of shoots or embryos from transformed cells. Ectopic expression of morphogenic or developmental regulator genes (e.g., Baby boom and Wuschel2) can promote somatic cells to form embryos, which develop into whole plants, in monocot species and consequently improve Agrobacterium-mediated transformation efficiencies dramatically . Plant transformation often requires tissue culture by exposure of cells to various hormones, which are inefficient and time-consuming.

Plant-derived bioproducts can be used for fiber, bioplastics, liquid crystals, energy storage, and insulants [274–283]. Their applications span various fields, including medicine, engineering, and material sciences, representing complementary and replaceable alternatives to bioproducts and biomaterials from animal origin, which can draw environmental and ethical concerns. Living organisms produce a series of proteins and compounds, i.e., bioproducts, used as building blocks for the manufacture of biomaterials. Such manufacture can take place ex vivo (e.g., through chemical manipulations of extracted bioproducts) or in vivo, being naturally synthetized by the living organism (i.e., biomanufactured). Bio-derived or bio-based products or materials are simply referred to here as “biomaterials”. Importantly, these concepts are independent from bioinspired materials, which are characterized by the application of biological design rules and principles by material scientists during synthetic material synthesis .

Repositioning as an ABM platform proved prescient as 6sense now competes head-to-head with Terminus and Demandbase, two other very successful ABM Platforms. Terminus closed on a $90 million Series C in February, and Demandbase is also well funded, setting up a market share land grab for ABM Platforms. Cancel has his eye on taking the company public, with Vista providing a “clear path” to an IPO. The designation confirms that Cognism meets AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Privacy with regards to data. The Diamonds-on-Demand request feature supports on-demand phone verification from both the web application and the Cognism Chrome extension.

The FTTH Top 100 list was researched by Marianne Cotter, Rachel Ellner and Kassandra Kania and overseen by editor-in-chief Masha Zager, with recommendations and advice from editor-at-large Steve Ross. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Calix had 2019 revenue of $424 million, rising to $542 million in 2020 despite global pandemic and supply chain headwinds. The FTTH Top 100 list was researched by Marianne Cotter, Rachel Ellner and Kassandra Kania and overseen by editor-in-chief Sean Buckley. Service providers of all sizes are taking advantage of the FTTH opportunity, going all in.

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