mathru is a simple learning game that makes it easy to learn math. You can play it with your little one, or when you are feeling bored at work.

Mathru is like a game of chess but with a little more math. You go around the board (a square in this case), and you use the letter on your keyboard to color the colors of the squares on the board. You move a piece, and you can either color a square red, blue, or green depending on what letter you are using. When you get to a square where there is only one letter, that letter is the color of that square.

Mathru is an abstract game where you have to figure out the color of each color on the board. It is a simple way of improving your math skills. I think I may be addicted.

Mathru is a game I picked up about a year ago. It’s an interesting puzzle game with a few elements that are not too complex but have a few puzzles in them. The best part of the game is that you can color in any letter on your keyboard but you can’t use the same letter more than once. You can use the “M” key to move the piece, the “R” key to color a square, and the “Q” key to turn the piece.

The hardest part is the graphics. The graphics are really nice because it’s so simple and it’s really fun to work with. The colors are really nice.

There are several levels that you can choose to play. Each level is a puzzle for you to solve. The levels that you play are called “tiles”. The first tile is where you get to choose your colors and the next tile is where you need to solve the puzzle.

The tiles are also really nice. Each level has a small square that you can color in any color you want. The puzzle itself is an octagon. The puzzle has a couple of different colored squares that you need to match with each other to solve. There are different colors that change every level, but there are also different puzzle types that you can play. The puzzle types are called squares. The first puzzle type is the hexagon. The other puzzle types are pentagons.

The puzzle is really good, and one of the things that makes it really good is that they only change when you change your colors, so you can pretty much work on a game without having to make a bunch of different colors. Plus they have some really cool special powers as well.

You can have a lot of different colors and shapes for different puzzles. For example, you can have a blue color if you want but you can have a yellow color if you want. The same goes for the purple puzzle types of the puzzles. When we get to them, we are going to get to the same puzzle as the other puzzles, but it’s much more fun.

Mathru is sort of in the middle of this spectrum, as its a puzzle that has a lot of different colors. So when we get to have the purple puzzle, we are going to have a lot of different colored purple shapes that we can use for different puzzles. But when we get to the blue puzzle, we are going to have a blue color. So you can have a lot of different colored colors in a puzzle, but it is fun to have variety.

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