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This is one of those rare posts where I don’t really have a reply. So I will try to make my point in the most succinct form possible.

Yes, reddit is a place for everyone. It’s a place where everyone has the same ability to say what they want to say. It is also a place where everyone is given the ability to express themselves, and in doing so, you can often find some really great stuff.

There are a few different types of subreddits on reddit, and they all have a different tone of voice, and I personally have a tendency to get a lot of requests for my stuff. I think it’s important to realize that some of our requests are just requests for something that can’t be said in a simple answer.

The most common type of request that I receive on reddit is for a screenshot. And while I can understand this, theres a difference between a short, snappy one that says that I’m doing something, and a longer, more involved one that says I’m doing a great job.

This is actually one of the reasons I tend to post my stuff in a format that can be edited. I think it helps avoid getting an “oops, you must have changed the URL in your post” error, and it makes the process of sending those requests easier.

The other is to see if its possible to send a screenshot of your own posts. This is usually easier to do with a different account, and even though its a little more complicated, it still requires a bit more effort. But if you know the person who you want to post it to and they have an account, it’s usually worth a shot.

You can use a lot of tools to send rlc requests. The most common ones are probably mail, email, and IRC. But I also have a couple of scripts that automatically send images from IRC.

It just took me a little while to figure this out. You want to send images from IRC to your IRC client. I have a script that does that and then I have a script that sends it from a different IRC client. I also have another script that sends rlc requests from IRC.

The problem is that IRC doesn’t really have any way to send images. That makes it difficult to figure out how to send rlc requests and images from IRC. I’ve got a script that sends IRC images from a program I wrote. I also use a script that sends IRC rlc requests from a different IRC client.

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