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When you post images your followers love, the photos have a better chance to get more likes, and you can establish an effective account. The Content section on Iconosquare is jam-packed with data analysis of all of your content ever posted on Instagram. I like to use the Content section for looking at the filters I never use and then trying to incorporate them into my photos. I also like to see the filter I always use and try to give that one a break for a while. Iconosquare is mostly optimized for Facebook and Instagram.

There’s also a drop-down menu where you can select which social profile to view. If you want engaged followers, then you’ll have to commit to communicating with your audience. And one of the reasons why Iconosquare is such a great tool is because it allows you to engage Instagram users in real-time.

You’re also able to see how well your account has grown over time with a look at followers gained and lost. If Iconosquare’s listening and inbox tools aren’t for you and you can do without the extra analytics, try Agorapulse instead. It has much more robust publishing, inbox and monitoring tools.

They offer fewer features for Twitter and only have analytics for LinkedIn, no publishing. For Twitter users, these drawbacks go as far as not having a proper way to manage replies and mentions from the platform. This was mostly apparent in the Scheduler section of the publishing tool. When you view your calendar, you aren’t able to view every post you have scheduled across all platforms. Not including the custom dashboards you can create, the entire interface is separated into different profiles.

Socialinsider is more than an analytics tool, it is a partner. what is the relationship between liquor’s proof and its alcohol content? provides a media library where you can upload images using Dropbox or OneDrive. It’s easy to use and allows you to structure content to quickly find and use it. It also tags images already used to save you from posting the same content twice. Community analytics offer a closer look at your audience. Gauge where they are located, the languages they speak, and their age groups and gender.

Rather than waiting to see how an Instagram post performed until you are back in your studio, you can utilize the Iconosquare app on your mobile device. Pallyy is geared towards social media agencies & managers, making it much more affordable than Iconosquare to run your business and simplify your scheduling, analytics and more. Many Instagram marketers turn to Iconosquare as a platform-specific analytics tool, but don’t have the budget to pay for each separate account they manage. If you find the app’s publishing tool to be too simple for your needs, consider keeping Iconosquare but adding SocialBee to your toolkit. Its fairly cheap and allows you to create automatic content queues and import content to share from multiple sources. And Iconosquare has recently introduced TikTok analytics which is a rare feature to find amongst social media tools.

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