Help Pls I Need Assistance On This Last Math Space Equation And Explain Also

String a is three times the length of string b. Sarah reduce string a into 8 equal pieces, and there was still 3 m of string left. Each of the equal items was 6 m lengthy. Rob spent 25%, % extra time on his research project than he had planned. He spent an additional h hours on the project. Which of the following expressions may characterize the numbe…

With this illustration and given that there is 3 lbs of peppermint sticks, the entire mass of the sweet is x+3. ∠cbe and ∠deb are same-side interior angles.i took the take a look at… Ihave a triangle with a 60 degree angle.

If you have ZYV and XWV, Z have to be congruent to X as they both show up first in the ordering. Which equation is represented by the intersection of the graphs below?

6p3 + 23p2 + 9p + 28 6p3 – 23p2 – 9p + 28 6p3 – 23p2 + 9p + 28 6p3 + 23p2 – 9p + 28 The expression 3×3 must be 3×2. The expression 6x should be 6xy. The expression x2y ought to be x2y2. The expression 4y must be 4y2.

The expression is proven above a table with three columns and a pair of rows. First column is labeled 2 p squared, second column is labeled unfavorable 3 p, the third column is labeled adverse four. First row is labeled 3 p with entries 6 p cubed, adverse 9 p squared, negative 12 p. Second row is labeled adverse 7 with entries adverse 14 p squared, 21 p, 28. 6p3 + 23p2 + 9p + 28 6p3 – 23p2 – 9p + 28 6p3 – 23p2 + 9p + 28 6p3 + 23p2 – 9p + 28 Which is the product?

Two hours later a truck left city b and started shifting towards city a at a rat… The regulation of the sines is the relation between the perimeters and angles of triangles not rectangles . Using this idea we are going to come up with the equations of each triangle that has been shaped. First observe the amount of triangles that type, you’ve two main triangles and one isosceles triangle that forms within the center by how these are joined collectively.

three , 1 , 1/3 , 1/9 , choose the express operate which defines the sequence. Use artificial division to resolve (x3 – x2 – 17x-15) +(x-5). O x2 + 4x+ 3 O x2 – 6x+ X-5 O x3+4×2+3… Jacob makes use of division to accurately write every fraction under as a decimal…

One significant part of designing a chemical reaction is determining the quantity of every reactant that’s needed and the quantity of every product that might be produced. In order to take action, chemists use stoichiometry, the quantitative relationships between reactants and products. Which of the following values are within lamprey and bass fish symbiotic relationship the vary of the perform graphed below? – will give the reply “brainliest! “… To use the law of the sines you want to know either two angles and one side of the triangle or two sides and an opposite angle of certainly one of them . For this merchandise, we let x be the quantity of the white chocolate within the candy.

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