elephant sperm

You’ve probably heard about elephant sperm, the little critters that roam the zoo and roam the earth from their birth up. Well, they could just be another species of animal, but their DNA is so unique and their behavior so unusual that it’s hard to believe they actually have a history of being around.

Elephant sperm are actually a member of the same group as another type of sperm called Drosophila melanogaster. The males of D. melanogaster lay their eggs in the female’s reproductive tract. When the egg is implanted into the female, the sperm are carried in these egg cells and become part of the female’s reproductive system for all of their life.

This is an impressive bit of scientific information, but not exactly surprising. The only other member of this group of animals that has been studied is the ostrich egg. These little guys are the size of a medium sized mouse, they lay eggs in ostrich nests, and are so small that even an ostrich couldn’t pick them up without a microscope.

The egg cells from the elephant sperm are the same size as human sperm cells, and their DNA is the same as humans DNA. But the sperm are much larger. They’re bigger than a walrus and bigger than a camel. The sperm of an elephant can be used to make sperm that look and behave like human sperm, but the sperm of an elephant cannot. This is because the sperm of an elephant are so small and light that even a human wouldnt be able to see them.

This is not for you. If you want to have a good time with one of your own, try a different diet and try to get rid of the eggs that youve got stuck in.

But even if your sperm can be used to make elephant sperm, it’s probably not a good idea to try and have sex with an elephant. These sperm are so small and light, they can only get inside a mammoth’s body in very small amounts.

Elephant sperm (and elephant eggs) are like sperm whales (and whale eggs) are. They are very small, light, and fragile. If you have one of these things in your body, you are putting yourself in very dangerous situations.

As it turns out, the sperm whales are really, really large animals. When they are young, they are not that big, but as they get larger, they start to grow into whales. Elephants are the largest land animal, but they are really much smaller than whales. The elephant sperm is actually similar to the whale sperm, but it is also very fragile. This means that the elephant sperm could actually be swallowed by a mammoth.

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