do hindus celebrate christmas

We do! But just in case you don’t know it, we do! Haha.

Not only do we do But but we also make a big deal of it. It’s called Christmas in India where but that’s a long story.

Of course, we do, but you have to be cool with it.

Like most western countries, Christmas in India is a lot like Christmas in the US, except it has a lot more pomp and circumstance, and a lot less Christmas spirit. The entire Hindu culture is basically about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration is not a religious holiday, but more of an opportunity for people to show off their wealth and power before the season of thanksgiving is all over.

The Christmas spirit is very very pervasive in India, which is why most western countries have adopted it as their own holiday. As people become wealthier and as the people of India become wealthier, the celebration moves from a religious to an economic one. And it’s just a shame to see a religion that seems so nice and fun turn into that.

Well, India has its own version of the Christian Christmas. It’s the New Year’s Eve festival. It’s an important part of Indian culture, in both its religious and secular forms. The first night of the year is a big deal because it’s the only night of the year that India traditionally gets the chance to sleep through. But as I’ve mentioned before, India’s culture is more important than its religious beliefs.

The fact is that many of the major religions around the world are much more important than their religious beliefs. For example, the United States is the birthplace of Christianity because people in the United States are mostly Christian. And as you mentioned, it’s the most important kind of religion in India. And so it is.

So if you think that India is more important than its religious beliefs, you just have to take a look around. As it turns out, the majority of Indians are not Christian or Buddhist, and most of them are not even Buddhists. So the fact that the majority of Indians don’t believe in Christmas is just one of those things that you don’t see much about.

While we are in India, we don’t have much time for a lot of good reasons. Our friends and family are busy and we have to be there to watch the movie. I think it’s a good idea to come to India, just to see a movie. You know how you get to India and see how you do it, but you don’t have to be an artist.

I’m with you on this one (and I think it’s good because it’s a lot easier to get to India than a lot of other countries).

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