desensitized clitoris

The first time I really felt this way, it was when I heard about the desensitized clitoris study. It was a fascinating piece of research, and I think this is a topic that I feel is a little too close to the skin. Because of the study, I decided to take some time and get a little more educated. I decided to start by reading up on the research itself and did a quick review of what I already knew.

The research on desensitized clitoris is fairly straightforward. In the 1990s, researchers noticed that women who have been sexually traumatized tend to have a high rate of gynecomastia. This condition is where a woman’s clitoris has been injured by a sexual assault and then has been kept under constant surveillance. When they looked at the clitoris of sexually traumatized women, they found that the clitoris was smaller than normal.

This is where the research really starts to get interesting. This research was performed on over a thousand women of different ages and ethnicities. The average clitoris size was found to be 7.3 mm. At the same time, the researchers looked at the age of the subjects and found that the older the woman the smaller the average clitoris size. So these researchers decided that the cause of this phenomenon was trauma. They called this the “desensitized clitoris.

It’s a good theory. The researchers say that the trauma to the clitoris is caused by sexual abuse. I am not sure how this fits with my experience but I do know that the women we had in our study didn’t report any sexual abuse, and that the pain in their clitorises was not as bad as it could have been. So we can’t assume that a woman’s size is a result of sexual abuse.

I think the research is interesting because it shows that women with this condition can have the same genital size as men, and yet they feel less pain from the same stimuli. I think people with this condition have a very different experience about sex. I think that sex and feelings are very two different things, and that we have all experienced a sexual act that was good, but we all also all felt as though we had suffered some kind of trauma in it.

I’d like to talk about a study that showed that women who were sexually abused as children had a lower pain threshold. I wonder if women with this condition, who feel more pain from the same stimuli, may have a different pain threshold. I think that this is the case. I think that we each have a different threshold, and that this is why we feel differently while we have sex. Maybe we have a different threshold for pain than a man.

The pain threshold is one of the few things that’s not always obvious to men in the first place. It’s only really obvious when you look at the pain as a kind of physicality.

Well, there is a difference in the types of pain as well. Women have a higher pain threshold than men, but that may not be the case for all women who have this problem. Maybe there are some women who feel pain from the same stimuli as a man, but who feel less pain.

I don’t know, it’s just that I’ve had female friends with this problem who have never told me they have it, and I don’t know of any male friends who have experienced it. Of course, this isn’t really an experience that can be shared between two people. I think its only something that can happen to someone after the fact.

desensitized may not be an accurate term, but it’s a pretty accurate description of the condition. Many women who have this problem have experienced pain during the act of clitoral stimulation. It’s a pain that feels like you’re being poked and poked without any actual physical pain. That’s not the same as a painful orgasm, but you get the point.

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