david hoffman bankless

david hoffman bankless is a blog that seeks to help people who need to be financially independent in a tough economic time. David is the founder and owner of The Frugal Gentleman and The Frugal Gentleman’s Daily. He’s also the co-host of The Frugal Gentleman Podcast. When he’s not at home, he enjoys reading, writing, and training in the martial arts.

David is very frugal. He started out as a stock broker, but switched to freelance work after the economy tanked. He now freelances and also writes often for sites like FrugalGentleman.com and The Frugal Gentleman Podcast.

David is also a passionate believer in “Frugality 2.0” – the idea that we are all financially better off because of how much money we spend each month. His site features a series of guides and podcasts about saving money, spending less, and how to live off your savings.

David has a deep interest in the area of money and its use. He started out as a financial analyst who has been doing research on savings and savings in the real estate industry for the past several years. Since he learned the hard way that there are several ways to save money on an investment, he began to develop a personal style and style of investing and started to practice investing. I think you may have seen David’s site on his Frugality 2.0 Blogs.

When it comes to investing, we’re all a bit on the fence about investing. I’d love to know how you feel about this.

I think I could safely say that he’s probably one of the biggest financial experts on this planet. He’s been a financial pro since the early 90’s and has a wealth of knowledge on savings and investing. He’s also just a very fun person to talk with and one of his favorite topics is frugality.

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