The name chavadi is a play on words meaning “I am” or “I am not”. It is not a contraction of the word “I am,” and it is not a contraction of “I am not.” The root of chavadi is the Latin word for “I am” and translates to “I am not.

The main reason we have chavadi is that it reminds us of the characters in the book, and we are just having a good time reading the story. In the end it comes down to how the characters react to the story and the story itself. The main character (and his friends) are all of the same age, but he is younger and somewhat older. He will be more interested in the party life; he will also want to be involved in whatever is going on in the party.

Like the rest of the game, chavadi is a game you play while your friends are partying. At first it’s a simple game where you have to shoot a certain number of balls into a large target in the sky. Then after a while you are able to shoot a chavadi which is a ball that shoots into the target. After the chavadi is shot you are given a chance to shoot it again, and if you do then you get more chavadi.

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