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When the number randomly chosen after the start of game play is the quantity “2”, the participant receives further pay traces other than those equal to the number of pay lines selected to be performed. If the player had initially chosen to play five pay strains they may get pay traces PL1-PL5 from set one in FIG. 13 and can get pay strains PL10-PL15 from set two in FIG. If the participant had initially selected to play 9 pay lines they will get pay lines PL1-PL9 from set one in FIG. thirteen and can get nine extra pay strains PL10-PL18 from set two in FIG.

In this primary instance the number “1” is randomly selected by the game program and is displayed in position 23 so no further card show positions are added to the fundamental sport playing field. For this primary example the player initially selects to play nine pay lines by touching Select Pay Lines button eleven nine instances and the quantity 9 is displayed in button eleven as proven. For this primary instance the participant solely places one bet per pay line as represented by the primary displayed in Bets Per Pay line show 12.

In the third column is the held queen of clubs so pay line PL1 is dynamically altered to cross by way of this card in accordance with the pay line rules. As pay line PL1 progresses to column 4 there’s the held queen of spades so pay line PL1 remains in Row 2 through the fourth column. There is not any held card in the fifth column so pay line PL1 returns to its default path and passes via the queen of diamonds in column 5 of Row 1 to define a 5 card hand having three queens.

At the top of this round, both bonus A and B are incremented by two pay traces to eight and four respectively as shown in FIG. In a fourth embodiment of the invention the total number of pay traces a player is playing for each spherical of recreation play of slots or cards is dynamically decided through the course of game play. A player selects a quantity of pay lines to play but bonus pay traces are awarded to the player dependent upon selections made by the participant during the course of recreation play.

Then it passes through the held eight of spades in the third column of Row 2, the seven of hearts in the column three of Row 3, the held eight of spades in column 4 of Row 2, and finally through the seven of diamonds in column 5 of Row 1. The technique can start with operation 500, which receives any preliminary wager. Each bettor can guess on which hand they assume will win .

The path through the matrix of cards or symbols of every pay line determines the winnings for that pay line. Thus, pay traces usually are not mounted earlier than sport play, as in the prior artwork, however within the first embodiment of the invention are decided by an occasion occurring through the course of recreation safe grabs net worth play, that being the slot symbols or playing cards selected by a player to be held. 22 is shown the start of the third round of play. During Round 3 game play, the player selects and touches the shamrock in Row 1, column 2 within the 3×5 show matrix. There isn’t any number displayed indicating any bonus pay lines.

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