18 Places To Look For Sensory Friendly Clothing

When you find yourself getting frustrated or exhausted by your kid’s sensory issues with clothing, try to imagine how uncomfortable it must be for them. The added benefit to this is that over time your kid will notice your understanding and start to communicate better because they know you get it and are there for them. They specialize in stylish compression and weighted clothing for infants and kids that claim to help stimulate the “happy” neurotransmitters and produce a feeling of calm. Finding sensory clothing can be difficult, especially for the fashion conscious. The issues faced for those with SPD is often overlooked by many fashion designers and retailers, leaving those with the disorder to feel excluded, overlooked and frustrated. Some kids find a shirt tag or a misaligned sock seam unbearable.

Something as simple as tags can make wearing clothes extremely irritating. For example, have you ever had a clothing tag that is constantly rubbing against you? By removing tags, it makes wearing clothing a comfortable experience. The retailer said it will roll out sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing for women as part of a new line called Universal Thread that’s meant to fit individuals of all shapes and sizes. SPIO first dabbled in flexible compression bracing in the mid 1980’s.

Here are some kids clothes that hit on some of the most common sensory issues in kids. They are comfortable, accessible, and they will help make dressing easier and more pleasant abandoned research complex for everyone. Our purpose at JettProof is to improve the daily lives of children and adults living with sensory needs by providing all-day calming, effective solutions.

The owner of the company was inspired to create the product after watching his child struggler with the poor design of most swim goggles. In the future, Chantelle plans to expand her brand with other local Canadians that share a similar passion for sensory-friendly products. Additionally, she plans to create adaptive clothing for children that use various assistive devices. The new products for women with disabilities come just months after Target unveiled a collection of sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing for children as part of its Cat & Jack brand.

For every three pairs of pants they sell, they are able to donate a pair to a person living with disabilities. Their no button jeans and pants come in denim, khaki, and black dress pants. Sensory shorts are made for children with sensory integration disorder and an autism spectrum disorder. Elastic waistband is sewn inside-out; no harsh seams inside.

As you can see, there are so many resources available for any range of sensory needs, and the number is only growing! I tend to stick with a “uniform” of a skirt, a very soft undershirt, and a light sweater on top. It looks professional and appropriate, and I can replicate it in a number of colors and/or patterns. I wear Rothy’s points to work about 90% of the time, and I wear soft shorts under my skirt so the sensation is always the same, no matter the skirt I wear. If tight socks are a problem for you, maybe you could try non-binding / diabetic socks.

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